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A High-Tech London Shuffleboard Bar Will Open Its First U.S. Location in Deep Ellum

Electronic shuffleboards and cocktails served in trophy cups await at Electric Shuffle

a cocktail sitting on an electronic shuffleboard
Electronic shuffleboard is coming to Deep Elum
Electric Shuffle/Facebook

A high-tech new gaming bar from London will open its first stateside location in Dallas’s very own Deep Ellum.

Electric Shuffle will open at 2615 Elm Street, a rep for the company confirmed. A timeline for the opening has not been set, but the business has already filed permits with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

Electric Shuffle’s name is a reference to shuffleboard, the group of bowling and bocce-like games in which players slide weighted discs down a narrow court with the purpose of landing in a scoring zone. The original version of shuffleboard is played standing up, and players use a cue or stick to move the discs on the court. Bar goers are probably more familiar with the table version of the game, in which discs are slid by hand on a laminated surface covered with silicone “sand” for lubrication.

Electric Shuffle takes the game into the 21st century, with a playing surface that electronically reads the pucks, displaying them on nearby screen, and automatically keeping score. The computerized board can lead players through three different games, each with different playing techniques and scoring goals.

The company’s original location is in the Canary Wharf district of London. The Dallas location will be the first in the United States. (Electric Shuffle’s parent company, Red Engine, also owns two bars in Chicago and Boston called Flight Club, which focus on the game of darts.)

The bar also serves up creative cocktails and food, including sharable bites like pizza. At the London location, the menu includes dishes like chicken satay with peanut sauce, truffle cheesy fries, and breakfast pizza with bacon, egg and mushrooms. Drinks include craft beer, frozen cocktails like the “Blue Electron”, a variation on the Blue Hawaiian, and sharable cocktails for the winning team, served in a “trophy cup”.

The London bar, which carried the “electric” theme into the decor with neon lights and bumpin’ club music, also offers weekend brunch.

No word yet on an opening date for Electric Shuffle Deep Ellum, but when it does arrive, it’ll join another arcade bar, the newly-reopened Punch Bowl Social. Stayed tuned to Eater for more details.