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McKinney Favorite Hutchins BBQ Makes a Comeback With an Acclaimed Texas Pitmaster

Barbecue whiz John Mueller is teaming up with the Hutchins family to bring peach-habanero sausage and more to McKinney

A red platter of barbecue
A bountiful Hutchins spread
John Miller for Hutchins BBQ
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After more than eight months of repairs following a major fire, McKinney smoked meat favorite Hutchins BBQ is ready to make a comeback.

The restaurant will officially reopen its doors on Tuesday, August 31, at 1301 North Tennessee Street, according to a press release. Owners Tim Hutchins and Trey Hutchins say that the fire, which broke out on December 31, 2020, caused more than $1 million in damage to the restaurant, forcing major repairs to its roof and kitchen. Now that it’s back in action, the Hutchins family has teamed up with Texas barbecue titan John Mueller, who will serve as pitmaster at the restaurant.

For those who are unfamiliar with Mueller, he’s been an occasionally controversial figure in Texas barbecue, but no one doubts his pit prowess and barbecue bonafides. The grandson of legend Louie Mueller, he’s served as pitmaster at multiple acclaimed barbecue joints, including Louie Mueller BBQ and his eponymous restaurant in Taylor, Texas. According to Eater Austin, he’s been described as “grumpy,” and “cranky,” a moniker he’s likely earned via lengthy Twitter rants about — what else? — barbecue. In a press release, though, Mueller says that he’s looking to shed the “dark prince of Texas barbecue” moniker that’s been thrust upon him.

With Mueller on staff, diners can look forward to smoke-kissed peach-habanero sausages, Elgin-style hot gut sausages from Mueller alongside tender brisket, beef ribs, and other classic Texas barbecue proteins. Sides like broccoli salad, mac and cheese, and jalapeno pinto beans will also be on the menu. Mueller’s dishes will be on offer at both the newly reopened McKinney location and Hutchins’s second outpost in Frisco.

When it opens on Tuesday, Hutchins will offer its smoked meats for dine-in, takeout, and drive-through service. Before making the trek north to McKinney, scope out the menu here.