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Deep Ellum Brewing Company Just Got Scooped Up by Monster

Monster Beverage Corporation acquired the Dallas brewer’s parent company

Deep Ellum Brewing Co. [Official]

Dallas’s own Deep Ellum Brewing Company is now part of the Monster energy drink family. The California-based Monster Beverage Corporation is acquiring the popular, decade-old Deep Ellum Brewing as part of a larger transaction, scooping up its owners Canarchy. ABC 8 reports that Monster spent $330 million in cash to acquire the self-described “craft brewery collective” Canarchy, as part of Monster’s new pivot into alcoholic beverages.

The deal is expected to close in the first quarter of 2022. Canarchy also owns breweries like Oskar Blues and Cigar City. Eater reached out to Canarchy and Deep Ellum Brewing Company for more information on how the sale might affect the local taproom or retail sales.

Beer fans will recall that Canarchy and Deep Ellum Brewing Company founder John Reardon were embroiled in a messy lawsuit in 2020 that resulted in Reardon’s ouster. Reardon filed the suit against Canarchy over alleged missed payments to him in accordance with the deferred payment agreement that was part of the original sale to Canarchy.

Reardon’s moved on with Deep Ellum Distillery, but he is still dealing with lawyers. Reardon wrote on Facebook on December 6 of last year:

Its been a little over 10 years since I sold my first keg of beer in Dallas. And it’s hard to believe how much has changed. On a day when I should have been celebrating 10 years of blood, sweat, and beers, I actually found myself going over depositions and speaking with attorneys about the two federal lawsuits still pending against my former company. It’s sad, to say the least, but as business can most definitely be a blood sport, that battle wages on.

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