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A Knox-Henderson Bar Just Transformed Into ‘Friends’ Hangout Central Perk

The Whippersnapper’s temporary pop-up channels the iconic show, with “Ross” cocktails and “Chandler” Jell-O shots

The Whippersnapper’s exterior modeled after Friends hangout Central Perk
The Whippersnapper is now dressed up to look like Friends hangout Central Perk
The Whippersnapper

Popular bar The Whippersnapper just unveiled its new look, and it couldn’t be more Friends-inspired. As part of its ongoing pop-up series, the Knox-Henderson bar is channeling the famous NBC sitcom by transforming its exterior to look like the gang’s coffee shop hangout Central Perk.

Inside, The Whippersnapper invited local artists to create murals of the main characters and little tidbits from the show that are plastered everywhere, with vignettes and photo opportunities in the gaming area, lounge area, and even in the bathrooms.

The bar at 1806 McMillan Avenue has previously hosted pop-ups inspired by The Office, Harry Potter and Family Guy. This year’s theme felt obvious in light of the pandemic, Phillip Schanbaum tells Eater.

“It’s time to bring friends and family back together,” the co-founder of This and That Hospitality says. “We thought that this would actually be a great way with the title of it, get everyone back and get involved with each other once again.”

Friends-inspired murals The Whippersnapper
Local artists created Friends-inspired murals at The Whippersnapper
The Whippersnapper

The menu even riffs off the show too, with drinks and food inspired by different episodes. $10 cocktails include the “Ross” with tequila, orange liquor, lemon, and lime, or the Monica with rum, strawberry, pineapple, and lime. There are also “Rachel” Redbull shots and “Chandler” Jello-shots. Food includes the likes of chicken fingers and turkey sandwiches, with each item shouting out different episodes.

Photo backdrops include the Friends fountain
Photo backdrops include the Friends fountain
The Whippersnapper

It took local artists like Jonny Freeman two months to create all the artwork, and Schanbaum encouraged his team to watch episodes of the show to get prepared. They’ll also be dressed in costume, and Friends super fans who visit the bar are encouraged to dress up (T-shirts and merch will be for sale too).

“We’re going to do sound clips from the show, the theme song,” Schanbaum says. But don’t worry, that earworm isn’t on a perpetual loop in the bar. “It won’t be on nonstop. “We’re still going to have our DJs have fun music that the crowd can dance to that are special to the show itself,” he says.

The no-cover Friends pop-up will run from now through the next two months and will be open Wednesday through Saturday for guests ages 21 and over from 6 p.m. until 2 a.m.