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Plano’s Milky Treats Claims to Be the World’s First NFT Ice Cream Shop

At least you’ll get actual ice cream out of it

Milky Treats [Official Photo]

If Pizza Hut can get into the NFT trend, then so can Plano sweets shop Milky Treats. The dessert purveyor at 7000 Independence Parkway is aiming to make ice cream history by dropping its own series of non-fungible tokens sold online.

The shop devoted to flavors like Unicorn Brownie or Cookie Butter teased the news on Instagram, writing: “We are the first ice cream shop in the world to release an NFT collection that includes physical utility called CRYPTOCREAMZ...”

The shop’s website explains the whole Cyrptocreamz concept further.

Cryptocreamz is an NFT collectibles project. We will be releasing a total of 3,000 unique ice cream pieces with custom attributes dedicated to the 16 original flavors at Milky Treats. New tokens will be released along with new flavor drops. Inspired by their love for art and ice cream, this project was created by the owners and team at milkytreats ice cream and will be available for purchase on opensea.Io. Each token will also come with a redeemable Milky Treats digital gift card. (Value of DGC will be unlocked once token is purchased.) Owning one of these limited quantity tokens will also make you a VIP member to all current and future locations, allowing you to skip the line and receive a member’s discount during your visit.

At least that NFT translates to something in the physical world too, as in scoops of ice cream and line-cutting potential.