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Where to Celebrate Lunar New Year in Dallas

Find soup dumplings, fireworks, and more

Three people dressed in yellow lion costumes dance while holding up red signs wishing people a happy new year for Lunar New Year.
Ngon Viet Kitchen will host a traditional Lion Dance to bring in good fortune this Lunar New Year on Saturday, January 21.
Thanin Viriyaki

The Lunar New Year in 2023 kicks off on Sunday, January 22. A week-long celebration to usher in good fortune and luck for the coming year, cultures across Asia, including Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, and Vietnamese, among others, when families and communities get together to feast on traditional dishes.

Here are places across the Metroplex where you can try some Lunar New Year specialties on this auspicious celebration.

Happy New Year to all! Gōng xǐ fā cái! Chúc mừng Năm Mới! Saehae Bok Mani Badeuseyo!

Ngon Viet Kitchen

1907 Greenville Ave.

For the Vietnamese, this Lunar New Year (or Tết) will be the year of the cat. Ngon Viet Kitchen in Dallas will be celebrating on Saturday, January 21st, with a lion dance at 2:30 p.m. to bring in good fortune. Reservations are highly recommended and can be made on its website.

Sura Korean Bistro

2240 Royal Ln. #106

Visit this spot for a range of Korean cuisine, including the ubiquitous barbecue, noodles, and soups, in a single location. Order from it’s selection of tteokguk with rice cakes shaped and sliced like ancient coins for prosperity in a rich broth, or the tteok manduguk, the same rice cake soup with mandu or meat dumplings which is one of the hallmark dishes for Seollal or Lunar New Year.

Hiep Phong BBQ

10560 Walnut St #1100

Go big this Lunar New Year and celebrate with the entire neighborhood by ordering a whole roasted pig from Hiep Phong BBQ in Dallas. It is butterflied and its marinated skin is roasted to be crackly and crisp. Pigs represent feasting, honesty, and wealth in the new year. Call two to three days in advance for a small pig, yielding around 25- to 30-pounds. Be ready with cash to pay upon pick up of the roast pig.

Mac and Cream Bakeshop

Mac and Cream Bakeshop is an Asian owned pop-up bakery that specializes in catering dainty French macarons. Lunar New Year treats, including a gift box, are available to pre-order. They feature traditional seasonal baked goodies with a twist — glazed matcha mooncake shaped cookies, almond cookies, cinnamon black sesame palmiers, LNY character macarons, and brisket banh tet, which is a sticky rice roll filled with brisket, wrapped in banana leaves. Schedule a pickup in McKinney, Garland, Grapevine and other locations is on the Mac and Cream website.

Tasty Egg Roll

7200 Independence Pkwy #248 in Plano

Tasty Egg Roll in Plano is known for its weekend Malaysian specialties and American Chinese staples. This Lunar New Year, the pineapple tart is available to purchase as a Southeast Asian Chinese treat.

Jeng Chi

400 N Greenville Ave. #11 in Richardson

Whole fish represents abundance and luck for the Lunar New Year. At the Chinese restaurant stalwart and institution, Jeng Chi, the whole fish is a weekend special that can be ordered any weekend in January. Choose between one steamed in ginger and soy or braised with garlic.

Asian Times Square

2625 W. Pioneer Pkwy. in Grand Prairie

From January 13 through 15th, one of the largest Asian markets in Texas will have a full on celebration with lion dances every two hours, live music from local Asian performers, fireworks and food. Check the website for a full list of restaurants. Parking and event entrance is free.

Hong Kong Market

9780 Walnut St #360

For home cooks, purchase a box of nian gao, or tikoy as it is known among the Filipino Chinese community, from this market. It is a sweet, glutinous rice cake that is traditionally eaten during the Lunar New Year. It is meant to be sliced into thin squares, dredged in a beaten egg, fried in a little oil, and then eaten at room temperature.