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Nationally Acclaimed Khao Noodle Shop Is Now Closed

The East Dallas Laotian restaurant’s chef promises: “We’re not completely gone”

Kathy Tran/EDFW

Wildly popular East Dallas eatery Khao Noodle Shop is calling it quits. The tiny-yet-mighty shop earned national acclaim, landing on Eater’s 2019 ranking of the best new restaurants across the United States. But it’s been a rough ride during the pandemic, and chef Donny Sirisavath just announced on Instagram that he is closing the restaurant known for intricately-layered Laotian dishes.

“Good Morning World, the Khao Tribe @Khaonoodleshop has served up our last bowl of noodles,” Sirisavath said in an Instagram post.

But although it’s the end of Khao Noodle Shop at 4812 Bryan Street, the chef promises it’s not completely over. “We had a crazy fun ride. It’s a end to this chapter, but a new beginning of another. We’ll still be popping up around town and in other states. So we’re not completely gone, just temporarily on a long fishing trip,” he writes.

Khao Noodle Shop recently celebrated its third anniversary in December. In 2020, the team experimented with a fusion pop-up within the space called Khao Len. In his farewell message, Sirisavath shouted out everyone who both worked at and ate at Khao Noodle Shop over the years.

Just wanted to thank all of our regular customers and friends that supported us through these unprecedented times. Without you all, we wouldn’t have survived the pass two years. It’s a decision that has been hard to swallow, but we’ll continue to create ripples in the food industry. Sharing our passion and culture with the world to enjoy.

He ended by saying: “It’s important to support your local small businesses, don’t let your next favorite shop close!!”

Yet Sirisavath has something new in the works: he will open Darkoo’s Chicken Shack in the space, which D magazine reports is going to be a fast-casual restaurant serving up Asian-style fried chicken. That means Thai-Lao-style fried chicken, karaage-style chicken, and Vietnamese wings. Sirisavath is partnering up with Jimmy Niwa of Niwa Japanese Japanese BBQ for this new spot, which is slated to open at the end of the month.