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The Which Wich Plot to Get You Into Cryptocurrency

If you’ve been holding off, this sandwich is your low barrier point of entry

A black box sits on black background. It has gold script writing that reads “get your sandwich on” and on top “Which Wich.” On top of it sit three shiny gold coins emblazoned with a W.
The Which Wich crypto box
Which Wich

Fort Worth is the first U.S. city to mine Bitcoin. The Dallas Cowboys have a partnership with Blockchain. And now Which Wich, founded by Dallasite Jeff Sinelli, has a deal that it hopes will get you into crypto.

Which Wich locations nationwide are offering a crypto box available on Friday, April 29 only. Pick it up, and you’ll get a regular sandwich, a cookie, chips, and a large drink. Oh, and a heavy golden coin emblazoned with a W that is currently worth $10. The value of that coin is linked to the conversation rates of Bitcoin to dollars. As its price fluctuates, so does the value of your coin. Which Wich’s crypto box website will keep customers apprised of what the current value is, and a QR code is included in the box to make that easy to find. Exchange it by bringing the coin into your local franchise for food amounting to the coin’s value or for cash by mailing it in.

“By the way, Bitcoin is low right now,” Jeff Sinelli, Founder, CEO and Chief Vibe Officer of Which Wich, told Eater Dallas in a conversation at the original Which Wich in downtown Dallas the day before this promotion launched.” They say buy the dip, I say buy the French dip. It may be that timing is everything and it doubles.”

The idea, Sinelli explains, is to give customers something tactile that they can hold in their hands to get them invested in Bitcoin and help them begin to understand cryptocurrency. Sinelli calls it an ICO — an initial coin offering.

“They are 100 per store. There is only 25,000 out in the universe,” Sinelli says. “We hope that maybe somebody doesn’t redeem it and my kids have to deal with this 50 years from now. So we got to write a check for a million bucks, what a story that would be.”

For Sinelli, it’s about education. “We don’t know where this world is going. But there’s a real education. We’re having a dialogue about crypto and I think great marketing is putting yourself in the conversation.”

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