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Where to Dine During Passover in Dallas

Gefilte fish, matzo ball soup, and flourless cakes are on the menu

Two bowls of matzo ball soup are served on a white tablecloth with silver spoons.
Passover offerings at Deli News in Frisco.
Deli News in Frisco

The Jewish holiday of Passover is an annual one celebrated by two elaborate dinners called seders, followed by a week of abstaining from leavened foods. That means many typical menu items are off the table, leaving Jews to pick up dishes from the handful of spots offering Kosher-for-Passover items or make everything from scratch for over a week. Many stick to the latter to avoid anything not allowed, but plenty need help. Here’s where to turn in the Dallas area for a quality Passover spread.

K Market Grocery & Deli

Where: 6911 Frankford Rd., #600 in Dallas

What: K Market in North Dallas will replace its entire inventory for Passover with a large variety of options, from frozen food and prepared salads to Passover wines and packaged foods for the holiday. Available items include cereals, snacks, cookies, muffins, and cakes, plus special Shmura matzo, which is round matzo made by hand, strictly according to Jewish tradition.

How to book: Get a quote online, call K Market at 469-615-1966, or just head there to shop the aisles.

TJ’s Seafood

Where: 4212 Oak Lawn and 6025 Royal Ln, #110 in Dallas

What: For nearly 20 years, TJ’s has offered a special Passover takeout menu and prepared specialties such as flourless chocolate cake, platters of smoked salmon, chardonnay-poached salmon, beef tenderloin, and horseradish. TJ’s also offers freshly ground fish by the pound that’s perfect for making gefilte fish at home.

How to book: Order online or call 214-691-2369 (Royal) or 214-219-3474 (Oak Lawn) by April 1.

Cindi’s NY Deli

Where: Locations at Central, Campbell, Forest, and Downtown

What: This year’s Passover menu at Cindi’s includes matzo balls, stuffed cabbage, gefilte fish, whitefish salad, chopped liver, charoset, brisket with brown gravy, potato kugel, house-made red horseradish, and more.

How to book: Cindi’s is taking orders for Passover through March 31. Order online or call the location nearest you.

Deli News Frisco

Where: 3685 Preston Rd #185 in Frisco

What: For Passover this year, Deli News in Frisco is cooking up their famous matzo ball soup plus chopped liver, turkey, and brisket, and side dishes such as potato kugel and grilled veggies by the bowl, pound, or serving. KFP brownies and coconut macaroons are also on the Passover menu.

How to book: Email to place an order.

Sea Breeze Fish Market & Grill

Where: Lakeside Market, 4017 Preston Rd., Suite 530 in Plano

What: Using a passed-down family recipe, the father-and-son team of Rich and Ryan Oruch at Sea Breeze in Plano is making gefilte fish for Passover. They predominantly use Lake Superior whitefish and walleye pike, with other seasonal fresh fish added. The shop will offer Sea Breeze gefilte fish in 3-ounce portions for $4.50 each.

How to book: Order online or call 972-473-2722. Preorder by Thursday, March 30, to guarantee availability for pick up on April 4. Preorder is also recommended for those who want to order fish to prepare their gefilte at home.