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Where Is the Standout Moroccan Couscous in Dallas?

Many of the Moroccan and Mediterranean spots you’d expect to find it have taken this item off the menu

A plate of Moroccan chicken on a bed of pistachio couscous at Nova in Dallas.
The Moroccan half chicken served with pistachio couscous at Nova in Dallas.
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Welcome to Ask Eater, a monthly column where Eater Dallas editor Courtney E. Smith answers specific or baffling restaurant questions from readers. Want to know which places have the breeziest patios and the best margaritas on steamy summer days? Want to know where to get the best front row seat for people watching in Bishop Arts and Deep Ellum? Looking for some hard to find dish and want a little help locating it?

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Dear Eater Dallas,

Where can I find authentic Moroccan couscous in Dallas? Used to be a restaurant on Lovers called Marrakesh (where Neighborhood Services is now) a few years back, but it’s been long gone. Any recommendation is ‘preciated.

Dear Couscous Hunter,

This is a surprisingly tough item to find! Many Mediterranean favorites have replaced couscous with fattoush and tabbouleh on their menus, reflecting the gluten-free times we live in. And although there are a plethora of great Mediterranean spots in DFW that I’d love to recommend, most of them do not serve the dish you’re in search of.

Nova in Oak Cliff has a Moroccan half chicken served with pistachio couscous that is a delight – and sitting at the bar there to eat is one of my favorite places in the city to be. Medina Oven & Bar in Vickery Park serves a nice shrimp couscous that uses a lot of the ingredients you’d expect in a traditional Moroccan version of the dish, including golden raisins, pine nuts, and cucumber. In Far North Dallas, Selda Mediterranean Kitchen & Bar’s vegetarian couscous with goat cheese, tomato, and cauliflower sounds inventive.

The exterior of Darna Mediterranean Market in Plano Legacy West, with a patio full of wicker chairs.
Darna Mediterranean Market
Darna Mediterranean Market

If you can’t find what you want in a restaurant, you might try the new Darna Mediterranean Market in Plano’s Legacy West. There are dine-in options as well as shopping — you’re going to find all the ingredients you’d like to make your own Moroccan couscous here.


1417 West Davis Street, , TX 75208 (214) 484-7123 Visit Website

Medina Oven & Bar

2304 Victory Park Lane, , TX 75219 (214) 979-0003 Visit Website