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The Best Dishes Eater Dallas Ate in November

This month brings a damn good burger, deviled eggs, and a French roast chicken that is perfect for sweater weather

A burger and fries sit in a basket with red checked paper.
Courtney E. Smith is the editor of Eater Dallas. She's a journalist of 20 years who was born and raised in Texas, with bylines in Pitchfork, Wired, Esquire, Yahoo!, Salon, Refinery29, and more. When she's not writing about food, she co-hosts the podcast Songs My Ex Ruined.

The amount of excellent food available in Dallas is dizzying, yet mediocre meals somehow keep worming their way into our lives. With your Eater Dallas editor dining out frequently, that means coming across lots of standout dishes and drinks that need to be shared.

A plate holds a cut chicken breast resting on top of polenta with spinach and au jus on the side. Courtney E. Smith

Gemma Restaurant

2323 N Henderson Ave., #109

For those who haven’t been into Gemma since it was remodeled, you’re in for a treat. Gone are the Napa-inspired lights and in are black walls, a new dining room layout, and a more sleek interior. The menu has also gotten a makeover, with a whole section devoted to variations on frites dishes with proteins — and the frites are excellent. But a long-standing highlight is the French chicken breast with semolina polenta and spinach. The chicken was succulent, and the plate was covered in its au jus. The polenta was softened to the texture of the most whipped potatoes. The spinach was beautifully fresh and wilted. It’s the perfect cold-weather plate to tuck into. If you want more spinach, the kitchen makes a lighter version of creamed spinach than one might be used to, which is a wonderful add-on.

Le Margot

3150 S Hulen St. in Fort Worth

We ordered multiple courses at Le Margot, and every one was worth discussing in-depth. But if you’re going to a French bistro, you likely already know which main you want. So, let’s focus on the apps and dessert. For the sake of temping readers in with a photo, the deviled eggs have to take center stage. The eggs are pickled in beets, and the deviling is delightfully creamy. It’s topped with a lovely black truffle puree — the perfect appetizer bite. Also worth ordering are the hot chocolate profiteroles stuffed with white chocolate gelato. The dish is smothered tableside in warm chocolate and turns into a decadent ender. So, whatever you go in with a mind to order, make room for these dishes to punctuate it.

The Peak Inn

132 N Peak St.

Few maps on this website are more debated than the burger map, and because of that, we do our best to make the rounds on burgers. After months of talking about it, a trip to the Peak Inn finally happened — specifically to get the burger. The Lil Kahunnah was recommended on the menu, and with good reason. It came to the table looking like the platonic ideal of a burger and completely delivered on its promise. It comes loaded with Thousand Island dressing, pickles, onions, and American cheese, so you know what the inspo is, but the taste is nothing like that, mainly because the meat is ground in-house. When a double patty is offered, go for it. No regrets.

Cane Rosso

7328 Gaston Ave., #100

How long has it been since you had the Honey Bastard? It’s just as good as you remember. And for any noobs who haven’t had this beauty with hot soppressata, bacon marmalade, and habanero honey, get your butts into the nearest Cane Rosso — it has locations all over DFW. We also ordered the eponymous pizza, and it was a hit for the table, but you just can’t beat the Honey Bastard.

Green Point Seafood and Oyster Bar

3219 Knox St.

An evening of apps and cocktails at Green Point yielded several great items: a dozen oysters from the house options for the day and the grouper sandwiches are a crispy, bite-sized treat. But the warm crab and artichoke dip were a big hit at the table. The serving of crab meat was hefty, and the dip itself was a cheese sauce with a warmed cream cheese consistency. The house-made chips are the correct accompaniment.