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The Story of the Creme-Filled Supreme Croissants Flooding Social Media in Dallas

Le Rêve Gelato & Pâtisserie, which is known for its viral desserts, and a food influencers are at the heart of it all

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Circle-shaped croissants topped with yellow icing and edible flowers and others with pistachio icing with crushed pistachios sit in wooden holders, facing upright, on a bakery counter.
Passionfruit and pistachio supreme croissants at Le Rêve Gelato & Pâtisserie in North Dallas.
Courtney E. Smith
Courtney E. Smith is the editor of Eater Dallas. She's a journalist of 20 years who was born and raised in Texas, with bylines in Pitchfork, Wired, Esquire, Yahoo!, Salon, Refinery29, and more. When she's not writing about food, she co-hosts the podcast Songs My Ex Ruined.

Are you ready to be influenced into a trip to a North Dallas patisserie? A star has emerged in the Instagram Reels of Dallas food influencers since July after the Supreme croissant debuted at Le Rêve Gelato & Patisserie in North Dallas. Video after video of knives slicing into the extra-large croissant as creamy blueberry sauce drips out, of the large size of the pastries topped with a dripping passionfruit icing and topped with an edible flower, and tales of the daily small batches that folks are lining up each weekend to get before they sell out.

The supreme croissant, the proper name for these spiral (or circle) shaped, creme-filled pastries, was created by Lafayette Grand Café & Bakery in New York City and had a viral moment there in the summer of 2022. Andy Pham, Le Rêve’s owner, says Dallas food influencer Kelly Simply Eats was the person who put him on the idea of crafting his version of these viral treats. And she was the first influencer to shoot the croissants. “I spent weeks working on them,” Pham tells Eater Dallas, explaining that she came in to shoot a super-sized version of the final product. “Quite a lot went into it because regular croissants don’t need a mold, they look exactly how they are when they bake and expand in the oven. It took time to gauge how these would cook.”

In June, the supreme croissants at La Rêve made a debut. “We sold out within 30 minutes of opening, partly because we didn’t know what to expect,” Pham says, noting that he makes just over 200 of them daily and that they’re only available on weekends. By the second weekend in July, the lines were going strong but weren’t unmanageable. Folks gathered around before opening at 11 a.m., and a steady stream of people came in for the first half hour after that, most of them buying the croissants. Almost all those customers told Eater Dallas they’d seen the croissants on Instagram, sometimes naming specific influencer accounts, and decided to try them.

Angela, a mom from Bedford, drove 30 minutes with her two kids, one in a stroller, because she came across the croissants on Instagram that morning. Though one of her kids didn’t love the taste of the edible flower, they thought overall the croissants were good enough to make the drive for again. And sisters Katie, who lives in Oak Cliff, and Savannah, from Forney, planned to come together to compare this croissant to another supreme-inspired offering at the Dallas Farmer’s Market. They declared Le Rêve’s version their winner.

The croissants sold out that weekend, too, Pham confirmed.

Pham is, understandably, thrilled with the viral success. “But I don’t get much sleep,” he laughs. Pham says it has brought the bakery more recognition and won over new customers. And people are excited to try the rows and rows of delicacies they produce outside the croissants, including an extensive collection of laminated cake bites, tarts, sponge cakes, and tiramisu. Pham says once the idea took off, they just went with it when other influencers wanted to shoot the croissants. And offers a word of warning: “You can’t overprepare.”