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Henry’s Majestic to Return with a 300-Person Patio and Late Night Food Trucks

In a new and much bigger space in West Dallas, will it recapture the magic of the original?

Courtney E. Smith is the editor of Eater Dallas. She's a journalist of 20 years who was born and raised in Texas, with bylines in Pitchfork, Wired, Esquire, Yahoo!, Salon, Refinery29, and more. When she's not writing about food, she co-hosts the podcast Songs My Ex Ruined.

An Instagram post announced that Henry’s Majestic, which closed in October 2022 after the building was sold by its owners, will ride again in fall 2023 in the location formerly held by Chicken Scratch/The Foundry. And with a giant new property, it might not be such a cult spot in its latest iteration.

We caught up with co-owner Andrew Popp about what’s going on with one of the city’s favorites for brunch (and lunch and dinner and just hanging out, honestly).

Eater Dallas: Talk to me about moving out of your old space and into the new one.

Andrew Popp: The end of October last year was the right time to end it, before the holidays. And we also were told we wouldn’t have much time after we closed to get our stuff out. It was important to me to get as much of the original building as we could.

So what happened to that stuff?

There was a lot of cool, found decor that we moved into this space. We had six large pods, including the ceiling tiles. My agreement with the landlord was that as long as we left it standing, in good condition, and secure, we could take anything we wanted since they would knock it down. When we found this space, we immediately started boxing everything up.

The space you ended up in is a different neighborhood than your previous one. What appealed to you about it?

This is a large, two-acre property. I always felt Henry’s Majestic was known for the patio, which is important to me, to continue. Having that brunch experience and that nightlife, with the music and the stage, I wanted to make sure was in the next space. We looked at over half a dozen spaces. Visiting this property for the first time, I fell in love with it — even though it was a very large project. It felt it was like the next stage for Henry’s.

I’ve spent a lot of time in this area. Some good breweries have opened up, like Manhattan Beer Project and White Rock has moved in, and it looks like two or three more places are ready to open across the street as well. It’s a little off the beaten path, but I think our customers will want to come over here. We’ll have the same vibe of being a spot where you can come to hang out, stay after brunch or enjoy happy hour. And there will be music — there will be a lot going on.

How big is the patio going to be now?

We’ll probably do about 300 seats. We’re doing both the bar side and then the restaurant side with a pergola for shade, and the trees give a good natural canopy.

What have you been doing to build out this new space?

A lot of the vibe came from the patio — those high tops with big, long group tables and the high and low benches. We’ve continued that. We naturally have the barrier that the previous tenant had with shipping containers, the stage at one end, and then the building off of Commerce on the other end. So it has a natural, almost enclosed indoor feel like our old space. And then, misters, coolant fans, and technology have come a long way. We got all that system from the previous space, but since the new one is much larger, we’ve invested in a misting system that will be ready for the end of summer. And for sure, for next summer.

We will also be hosting food trucks in an outskirt called the garden area on the property, adding some late-night options to the food menu. We’ll be open Friday and Saturday until 2 a.m.

Is your speakeasy [formerly known as Atwater Alley] going to return?

We do have plans for it, yes.

Henry’s Majestic will be at 2303 Pittman Street at Fort Worth Avenue, opening in fall 2023.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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