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Wide shot of Globe Life Field during the National Anthem.
Globe Life Field during the National Anthem.
Photo by Brandon Wade/Getty Images

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What to Eat at Globe Life Field, Home of the Texas Rangers

The stadium is serving up alligator corn dogs, rattlesnake sausage, and vegan chicken salad sandwiches

The 2022-2023 MLB season is underway, and baseball fans will be happy to know that Globe Life Field, home of the Rangers, is continuing to offer its concession food favorites, including turkey legs, foot-long hotdogs, and jumbo pretzels with cheese. This year, the Globe Life Field concessions team has added a handful of new items that seem both creative and perplexing, like the alligator corn dog, which features fried alligator andouille sausage on a stick.

With more than 100 fixed and portable food stands, there’s a little something for everyone, from vegan chicken nuggets to kosher hot dogs. Here’s a breakdown of Globe Life Field’s food and drink offerings and where to find them in the stadium.

An alligator corn dog atop a bed of french fries.
Alligator corn dog at Globe Life Field.
Delaware North/Globe Life Field

Big foods and ballpark classics with a twist

Concession stands at Globe Life Field (and its predecessor Globe Life Park) are known for serving ridiculously jumbo foods and the occasional exotic meat, often as a nod to the eclectic offerings at the State Fair of Texas that takes place in Dallas.

One such offering is known as the “boomstick” (Section 132), which consists of a two-foot-long beef hot dog loaded with onions, jalapeños, and chili. The thing is massive, with the dog extending past its resting bun, and costs upwards of $27; but realistically, it could feed multiple people so you get your money’s worth.

Globe Life Field also has a number of classic stadium food options with a twist, like the aforementioned alligator corn dog (Section 125), or the slightly less adventurous mac and cheese nachos (Sections P106 and 225), which takes a loaded nacho to the next level with a helping of gooey macaroni and cheese on top. Of course, if either of those prove too ordinary, you can always sample something even more outside the box, like sausage made from rattlesnake meat (Section 132).

A significant supply of vegan options

Globe Life Field has an ample supply of vegan options for those with meatless, dairy-free diets. Vegan nachos, burgers, hot dogs, and chicken nuggets (all available in Sections 4 and P101) have been on the menu for some time, while additions this year include vegan bratwurst (Section P101) and a vegan chicken salad sandwich (Sections 101 and 205), which is served on vegan bread with a side of chips. As an alternative to meat alternatives, there’s also a selection of fruit cups (Sections 4, 101, and 205) or veggie cups (Sections 4 and 101) available.

A vegan chicken salad sandwich served with chips  in front of a baseball field.
Vegan chicken salad sandwich at Globe Life Field.
Delaware North/Globe Life Field

Snacks and desserts

Snack is a loose term that can be applied to a number of foods, but at a Rangers ballgame at Globe Life Fields, it includes popcorn (Sections 105, 108, P111, 121, 202, 208, 224, and 225) and the definitive baseball snack Cracker Jack (Sections 6, 101, 102, 125, 205, 235, P123, P129, P207, and P237). And is it even a true day at the ballpark without the giant souvenir bucket of popcorn (Sections 12, P111, and P226)?

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, satisfy it with at least 23 places to purchase candy (Sections 3, 6, 17, 24, 29, 101, 102, 105, 108, 121, 123, 124, 125, 132, 133, 202, 205, 214, 226, 230, 233, 235, and KZ3) . On the colder side of things, there’s Sno Blast shaved ice in cherry or lemon flavors (Sections 101 and 205), or if you’re feeling extra baseball-y, you can order a novelty-sized helmet full of ice cream (Sections 6, 102, 125, and 235).

Cool drinks, with or without booze

While we’re on the subject of novelties, it’s common to see adults walking around drinking from what appears to be a bat. Be not alarmed, for it is merely a big-ass beer poured into a souvenir baseball-bat-shaped cup, otherwise known as a beer bat (Sections 12, B11, 126, 225). You can also purchase margaritas served in a mason jar (Bars 3, 11, 33, 102, 110, 123, 125, 135, 201, 215, 225, and 233), so you can have that homey feeling at a home game.

For those who live alcohol-free, there are plenty of bottled soda options (Bars 3, 11, 12, 20, 26, and 33 and Sections 123, 202C, P104, P109, P111, P118, P120, P128, and P129) or you can take a walk down memory lane by enjoying a nostalgic ice cream float (Sections 6, 102, 125, and 235).

Globe Life Park in Arlington

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