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Are You Ready for an Edible From the Toadies?

The I Come From the Watermelon Prickly Pear gummy is available today from Texas High Country

A band plays on stage with some of the audience visible in the left side of the frame.
The Toadies live on stage.
Thomas Moore

In a fitting announcement for 4/20, Dallas’s own Toadies are dropping an edible in conjunction with Texas High Country. It’s called I Come From the Watermelon Prickly Pear, in honor of the band’s single “I Come From the Water.” It’s made using delta-9, which is derived from hemp and legal in Texas in concentrations under 0.3 percent — at this time, anyway — and there are two 30-pack options, each with 10 milligrams THC per gummy, available with different Toadies-related extras, one with a limited edition sticker and the other with a t-shirt.

Fort Worth’s own Andrew Clarkson is the company’s founder. He got into the business after burning out on the tech sphere in San Francisco. He started making CBD chocolates in his San Francisco apartment, before taking the operation full time. It was a trip home to Texas during spring break of 2017 (his mom is a school teacher who now helps with the business) when Clarkson got peppered with questions by friends about CBD and THC products that convinced him to move back. “It just never ended, it became this tidal wave behind me everywhere I walked,” Clarkson tells Eater Dallas. “So instead of going back to California, I stayed with my little backpack, that I brought for just a couple of days worth of travel.”

Texas High Country (with THC right there in the name) is Clarkson’s THC arm of the business. He decided to focus on creating vegan, gluten-free gummies because, under Texas regulations, that was the easiest and most effective vehicle for delta-9 and for storing product. “Everything that we have is custom made specifically to make sure that the customer will never be in a liability,” Clarkson says. “If they drive to Louisiana, it’s still legal, they drive anywhere in the U.S., it’s still completely legal. They’re not going to have any concerns.”

The collaboration with the Toadies came about because everyone at the company were fans, as are a lot of folks in the Metroplex. And developing the watermelon prickly pear flavor was a nod to the popularity of watermelon, which is Texas High Country’s best-selling flavor, while adding a dash of Texas into the mix that is approved by the band. “We pitched them maybe, I don’t know, 15 or maybe 20 flavors that we knew taste great and consumers would like,” Clarkson says.

You can order I Come From the Watermelon Prickly Pear online, or give it a try on 4/20 at Thunderbird Station. It will be part of the 4/20 Blowout pop-up from 7 p.m. to midnight this evening, weather permitting.

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